DeScribe me!


While I can, I'm not going to use some 'clever' word-play to paint a picture-perfect version of myself to you. What I will say is I'm someone who has a great deal of practice in rebounding from the act and art of doing dumbness. Which probably makes us have more in common than you may have initially thought.


My accolades and achievements are trivial in the grand scheme of things. Truth be told, degrees don't mend broken hearts, nor does experience erase bad decisions. Really, all I am is a girl, saved by God's amazing grace-in that He's the only reason I'm still relatively sane. I've finally grasped the infamous church mother's tagline. You know the one: 'You don't know like I know what the Lord has done for me!'


What matters most about me can be aptly conveyed in the words of Apostle Paul: I know how to survive in tight situations, and I know how to enjoy having plenty. In fact, I have learned how to face any situation: fed or hungry, with or without. 


My life is not short on exciting moments that make for amusing stories. Tune in, because I promise you, no one can just make this stuff up!  





personality type 






favourite season






full-time gig






life-time gig



sas·sy adjective (informal) /ˈsasē/ 

lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky

+ my name means female sheep

+ an ambivert 

+ place of origin: Nassau, The Bahamas 

+ coffee is my soulmate

+ no pets, not even a goldfish 

+ published author, new blogger 

+ education: communications + creative          writing + public relations + business admin

+ lover of flowers: lilies and magnolias 

+ default beverage: coffee (iced or hot) 
+ fashion staples: studs or large hoops

+ blood type: C+ (caffeine positive

+ enjoys crime scenes and medical dramas 

+ when travelling, gimme that window seat

+ yes, Die Hard 1 is a Christmas movie 

+ a professional homebody 

fun facts

scribe noun \ ˈskrīb \

a professional copyist of manuscripts & documents

+ accessory must-haves: a statement                 neck-piece and an oversize purse

+ likes all shades of green 

+ happy hour drink: coffee

+ believes everything you say is already a  song 

+ often procrastinates but likes things done

+  chatty + polite + animated + quiet + witty

+ makes thee' best cup of tea

+ signature slogan: "Stop doing dumbness!"

+ happy place: the beach 

+ best show of all times: Sesame Street

+ annoying habit: over-explaining everything

+ most valuable quality: loyalty 

+ essentials: scented candles + coffee mate

+ a sapiosexual 

+ sometimes an unassuming wall-flower