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A good story is something that everyone enjoys. Teatime is precisely that—a time for storytelling, but with a lesson woven throughout. You can expect a real (since it's my reality), relevant (because it's based on biblical principles), and relatable story every week (because it probably happened to you, too.)

I don't 'spill the tea' because I'm bored, but I talk about the things most people are unwilling to admit or discuss, as many of my experiences have shown me that my story could be the chicken soup for someone's soul.

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The Resident

Sassy Scribe

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sas·sy adjective (informal) /ˈsasē/ 

lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky

scribe noun \ ˈskrīb \

a professional copyist of manuscripts & documents


Let's get up-close

and personal

A FEW OF MY            THINGS


+ heart-shaped hoop earrings

+ a statement neck-piece and an oversize purse

+ likes all shades of green 

+ happy hour drink: coffee

+ believes everything you say is already a  song 

+ often procrastinates but likes things done

+ chatty + polite + animated + quiet + witty

+ makes thee' best cup of tea (are you even surprised?)


A FEW OF MY            THINGS


+ signature slogan: "Stop doing dumbness!"

+ happy place: the beach 

+ best show of all times: Sesame Street

+ annoying habit: over-explaining everything

+ most valuable quality: kindness 

+ essentials: scented candles + coffee mate

+ a sapiosexual 

+ sometimes, an unassuming wall-flower

+ favourite season: winter | Christmas




+ my name means female sheep

+ an ambivert 

+ place of origin: Nassau, The Bahamas 

+ coffee is my soulmate

+ no pets, not even a goldfish 

+ published author, blogger 

+ education: communications + creative writing + public relations 

+ lover of flowers: lilies, magnolias and peonies

+ default beverage: coffee (iced or hot) 

+ blood type: C+ (caffeine positive) 

+ enjoys crime scenes and medical dramas 

+ when travelling, gimme that window seat

+ yes, Die Hard 1 is a Christmas movie 

+ a professional homebody

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